Experiences and Qualifications

I am an experienced statistical consultant with a Ph.D in probability and statistics modelling. I have taught a wide range of statistics courses including data analysis in engineering, pharmaceutical and medical statistics. With over 5 years of experience as a statistics tutor and consultant, I have the skills and expertise to help you complete your analysis on time.

Statistics Help and Thesis Consultation

I offer a full range of statistics tutoring and thesis consultation services tailored to your need.

I provide help in the following areas.

Specify a set of clearly stated hypotheses that are statistically testable.
Operationalise your variables and specify clear and quantitative defintions of your independent and dependent variables.
Conduct power analysis to determine the optimal sample size for your study.
Prepare a clear data analysis plan to specify the most suitable statistical test.
Conduct appropriate analyses using SPSS, STATA, R or SAS to test your hypotheses.
Understand the statistics from your analyses and interpret the results.
Write up your results according to the latest APA format.

Get Statistics Help Now!

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Statistical Analysis

Choosing the appropriate statistics test to address your research questions is an art that requires years to perfection. With years of experience as a statistical consultant, I can take care of all the statistical aspects of your study and you can devote more time to your substantive research questions.

I have expertise in the following statsitics tests

Mean comparison methods including T-test, Analaysis of Variance (ANOVA), Analysis of Covariance Variance (ANCOVA) Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) and Repeated measured ANOVA.
Linear Contrast and Post-hoc test
Correlation analysis including Pearson's R and Spearman's Rho
Contingency table and Chi-squared test
Generalised Linear Models (GLM) including Binary Logistic Regression, Ordinal (ordered) Logistic Regression, Nomial Logistic Regression, Poisson regression and Log-linear Models
Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)
Longitudinal Analysis using Hierachical Linear Model (HLM), Mixed Model and Multilevel Model
Missing Data Analysis and Multiple Imputation
Latent variable analysis including Latent Class Analysis (LCA) and Latent Growth Analysis (LGA)
Structural Equation Models (SEM)
Survival Analysis
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